Pacific Action kayak sail and canoe sail systems

.... a new paddling dimension









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  • Integrate the wind with the sea! Paddling with a Pacific Action kayak sail is like swimming with fins! The wind and the paddle combine, the result - a new paddling dimension....

Pacific Action sails can be fitted to most kayaks and canoes. Pacific Action sails are supplied as a complete kit - including the sail, mast sections, our patented cam-action mast step (the key to the incredible performance and versatility of our sails), and the rigging pack.

Summary of fitting requirements.

Many kayaks come with deckfittings that provide attachment points for our sails. If not, then all you need is provided in the rigging pack supplied with the sail system. The system is shipped in a sail bag that holds the sail, the composite mast sections and the rigging.

The Pacific Action sail is secured using a hard point on either side of the boat. The mast step (mast feet) do not need deck support (see the photos of our 1.5sqm sail system on a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak)- it can float from its webbing straps. The webbing straps can be wrapped around side grab line hardpoints - or use the webbing anchor points from the rigging pack.

The masts are raised automatically using a shockcord (bungee) that runs from the two masts to a clip point at the bow (typically your carry handle). Incidentally, this makes it very simple to lower the sail as well - just pull back on the trimming line. This timming line comes with 4 stainless snaphooks that drop the line to the deck and run it back to you. You use this line to pull back on one or other of the masts, which can change the sail configuration from a "Vee" downwind configuration to a jib-sail or claw sail shape that the pacific island canoes have used for centuries to cut across the wind (watch the videos).

When the sail is lowered, you can wrap it around the two masts and secure it along the side of the boat using a tie-down and clip.












* Click here to download a PDF of the fitting instructions and warranty (includes links to video tutorials for sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks)


* Click here to see how easy it is to attach the sail to your boat)


- or go to our Video page - watch Jeff Sheppeard's video of our sails in action on the Ocean Kayak Prowler boats and check out the end of the video for a fitting tutorial.


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