Pacific Action sail systems - make paddling a breeze!









Proven from the North Pole to Southern Oceans Minimal deck profile when furled Ideal for sit-on-top kayaks and canoes cruise while snacking! Fishing kayaks - trolling and greater range Dynamic sail shape control for reaching and windward performance Action and speed! Expeditions! Adventure racing Expeditions Cruising

Pacific Action sails were developed in New Zealand and Australia by kayak enthusiasts to enhance the paddling experience. Over two decades of development, our sails have established a formidable reputation with expeditions and adventure racing world-wide, are great for touring and a breeze to use.  A favourite with kayak fishers (see "Video").

What is it about Pacific Action sails and extreme expeditions? In short – the performance, durability and ease of use - raised or lowered in seconds they are the perfect complement to the paddle. 

  • Spot the photos of our sails powering Nathalie and Alain Antognelli’s Greenland Expeditions in 2009 / 2010 . This team paddled 1100 km around Greenland’s coast documenting the impact of climate change on the Greenlanders. At the end of it, the Pacific Action sail system was ready for the next adventure! 

  • Franz-Joseph-Land Expedition 2007: Thomas Ulrich and Børge Ousland trekked and kayaked 1500 kilometres from the North Pole. Pacific Action sails were used for the open water kayaking sections and even to assist with the sledging!









  • Integrate the wind with the sea. Paddling with a Pacific Action sail is like swimming with fins! The wind and the paddle combine, the result - a new paddling dimension....

  • Patented technology for versatile performance

  • Stable, reliable, great versatility, safety!

  • Raise or lower the sail in seconds

  • Adjust the sail angle easily

  • Windward performance with expedition-style sea kayaks

  • Rapid rigging, easy to put it on your boat, or pack for storage

  • Composite construction for rugged durability - expedition proven!

  • Tested and approved by leading kayak manufacturers world-wide

  • Fits most sea kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks & canoes

  • Supplied with a universal rigging pack and sail bag

  • Sizes: 1sqm size for sit-in kayaks; 1.5sqm sails for large fishing kayaks and 2.2 sqm sails for tandem kayaks and canoes

Manufactured by On Top Down Under (Australia) Pty Ltd
(c) 2014